Rob Kalwarowsky Services



Rob has spoken internationally about a broad range of topics including leadership, psychological safety, mental health and maintenance & reliability.  If you’d like to book Rob as a speaker, book a discovery call with him here.

Maintenance, Reliability & Asset Management Consulting

Rob is a world-leading subject matter expert in maintenance, reliability & asset management.  He specializes in leadership & culture development, life cycle asset management, predictive maintenance, reliability, cost benefit analysis & risk analysis.  Please reach out to Rob at for more information or book a discovery call with Rob here.

Leadership Consulting & Coaching

Rob offers both a 12 week online high-impact leadership program for individuals & companies and coaches individuals in industrial leadership.  Learn more about The Leadership Launchpad Project here.

Rob is an exceptional leader driven with passion and dedication not only to his own pursuit of personal and professional growth but also for the many people he has and continues to encounter. Rob brings to light an often overlooked or forgotten aspect of business in the form of people centric leadership.    His countless hours of dedication towards providing training programs, support and podcasts in the fields of reliability, leadership and mental health awareness has provided a voice for those who would otherwise possibly not be heard.     Rob is a voice to be heard!

Jim Vantyghem

Rob is an extraordinary leader and proven reliability professional. I have seen him build communities and transform peoples lives. He gives people the confidence, skills, and network to achieve their goals. Working with him in the Leadership Launchpad was a true gift, and I will always be thankful he said yes to letting me interview him on the Empowering Industry Podcast which lead me to be a fan and follower! I believe there is much ahead for Rob on his journey to challenge the status quo and build better leaders… You should join his mission!

Charli Matthews