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Are you tired of pretending that everything is perfect and that you’re exceeding at everything you do? Join us to have authentic conversations about high performance, mental health, chasing perfection, and life as we tackle the idea that the appearance of outward success often leads to the assumption of perfect mental health.

Hosts Lauren Williams and Rob Kalwarowsky are on a journey to normalize the conversation around mental health for successful people one episode at a time.

Our Story

We wanted to create a community for high achievers and high performers

As former college and professional athletes we entered into a work/life environment where we were expected to hold up the high standards of success we experienced in athletics. We soon discovered that the appearance of success was more important, and often came at the expense of, mental health.

We saw the need to create space for those successful people struggling on the inside. We looked to dismantle the common narrative that outward success immediately means success everywhere by having conversations with fellow high performers and high achievers about their struggles and successes.

Meet The Hosts

Rob Kalwarowsky

Rob Kalwarowsky has spent almost 10 years as a reliability engineer & asset manager within heavy industry. Over that time, he has seen and experienced disengagement, frustration & mental health problems due to fear-based leadership. Rob envisions a world where happiness & engagement are commonplace in the workplace.

Lauren Williams

A former collegiate and professional hockey player, Lauren brings a unique combination of experience and expertise to Elite High Performance. A graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (B.A) and Springfield College (M.Ed- Counseling), Lauren integrates top notch mental skills work and brain training to help clients learn how to become the best version of themselves.


What people are saying about DtHPN

Thank you Rob & Lauren for being brave enough to put this content out there and help others along the way! We truly need industry shakers and movers like yourself to challenge the traditional status quo and help us all to understand that we are not alone.
Sanya Mathura
I am glad this topic is brought to the attention of our community. Many of us are either affected directly or may be dealing with loved ones suffering mental issues. Mental health is more common than we may think it is and you don’t notice it until you are somehow affected!
Jesus Sifonte
I love how you are calling attention to high performers who struggle with mental health as they are excelling to anyone who looks from the outside! The message to all you getting stuff done while struggling “ask for help” we give you permission and are hear for you if you want to talk🥰
Charli Matthews